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Multi-spindle in series

The Arve Valley,

The Arve valley is an important crossroad for Europe thanks to the Mont Blanc tunnel and the A40 joining North Europe and Italy. It abounds with industries specialising in the field of bar turning and precision mechanics. It is the historical region for watch making and now, also for the precision bar turning sector. Its network of subcontracting and service industries provide innovative and complementary solutions. It is certainly not by chance that we have decided to be in the centre of this region that is so rich in development and innovation.

DJC, bar turning in series

DJC specialises in the production of medium and large series. We work with materials such as stainless steel, special steel, aluminium, brass and standard steel.
We benefit from advanced technical skills that, combined with impeccable organisation, result in a source of productivity and high performance for our customers. In order to remain permanently competitive and to follow the numerous advances of technology in our industry, DJC invests in “High Tech” production tools.

DJC combines productivity and performance every day thanks to human skills, the competent team and its strategically adapted organisation. Independent and humanely sized, the company privileges proximity, attentiveness, communication and flexibility to provide a service entirely dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers.

DJC in 4 key figures

If we had to choose 4 key figures to illustrate the DJC company, they would be without doubt: the year of its founding as we are very proud of the history of the company and of the development in the bar turning industry. Our employees, our team who alone represent genuine know-how. You, our customers, those of you who place your trust in us. And lastly, our pride in spreading/shining and representing the multi-spindle bar turning industry in France, neighbouring Switzerland and in approximately 15 other countries.








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DJC, bar turning
Large or medium series

For large series, in addition to the medium series, we have maintained a high level of quality for all destinations.

Therefore DJC exports its know-how to over 15 destinations worldwide.

Supplying the automotive, connector, medical and aeronautical industries.


The indisputable and recognised guarantee of know-how

certification IATF16949

IATF 16949

DJC is certified according to the automotive reference IATF 16949 since December 2018

VDA 6.3

DJC has been successfully audited by several manufacturers and constructors according to the VDA 6.3 reference