From the automotive to the connectors and aeronautical sectors

Since its creation, DJC has continued to evolve to provide solutions that meet the requirements of its customers, supported by technical expertise in methods of tool-cutting.

The company has been able to adapt to customer expectations by investing in new production technologies.


The booming automotive market, which has been a large part of our business, has allowed DJC to grow.

The high demands of this sector have prompted the company to direct its activities towards continual dynamic improvement. Measure for better control and performance

This expertise in the production of technical components is enhanced by a wide variety of materials, surface treatments and subsidiary operations.

We therefore solve all of our customers issues, whether for environments with high temperatures, corrosion resistance, vibrations, wear and sliding, the weight ratio/resistance…

Connectors, medical and aeronautics

All of our skills gained principally from the automotive sector now allow us to serve other sectors. We are also developing in the connectors market.

Through the connector components produced by DJC we are now active in the aeronautic, medical instrument, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic industries.

Our success in these fields reinforces our diversification strategy.

We are currently well-known in the connectors, medical and aeronautic sectors